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Holiday in Dalyan, Turkey

Dalyan is a historical city in Muğla Province. It is one of the world famous holiday resorts such as  Gocek, Datca(Turkey) and Bodrum(Turkey).Earthly paradise Dalyan, is the Antique city of Caunos with its private geography where founded special product of plant and sea that comes to modern day.Dalyan(Turkey) has magical history and this place is one of the first turism places about its mystery and attractiveness of blue and green colours.Our visitors prefer this place because of mystery, silent and peacful air.Dalyan(Turkey) choiced first of the ten centries as ecologically by environmental protectors and this is beautiful ,riverside town with its bog,collapse areas, or lagoon groups.Dalyan where have rich vegatation and cultivated areas , population is 4000 but It reaches about 10000 population in summertimes. Worldwide famous people who has visited Dalyan as Sting and Dustin Hoffman say; This area so attractive with its beach,rock tombs,mineral waters , waterways and place ,blue and green are combining.We have compiled the most prominent points of Dalyan(Turkey) for you.



Traveling Places in Dalyan Turkey



Dalyan Iztuzu Beach: The Times News anounced Dalyan Iztuzu Beach the finest open area where have 5,5 km beach line and eggs of Caretta Caretta turtles. Dalyan Iztuzu Beach is one of the worldwide famous beaches with blue flags.You can find a chance of swimming in sea where combined salted and sweet water. It is close between at 08.00 -20.00 to people in Dalyan Iztuzu Beach where Caretta Caretta turtles put their eggs.


Caunos Antique City: Kaunos the city which had been established to big area and it were talked in mythologic stories.Kaunos was a seaport that trasported mithic Helenski era to modern day.There are city walls , castle walls,theatre,church,hamam(bathroom),seaport, divine area,temples in Caunos Ancient City where you can arrive from sea and road. Caunos Ancient City has to be in your holiday route which has marks of Helenski era.We recommend you to put to Kaunos Antiue City of favorite places in Dalyan Turkey.


Dalyan Rock Tombs: Dalyan Rock Tombs presents structure and history of mythologic era to modern day with its trailer of Turkey.You can run from sea and road to structures which had been built with this logic; it is better to be near to God.We recommend you to put to Dalyan Rock Tombs of traveling places in Dalyan Turkey.


Nil Turtles (Trionyx Tringulus): Caretta Carettas are always mixing with Nil Turtles that are living between Koycegiz Lake and Dalyan Delta.Mature types are naerly 1 metre. Nil Turtles have nailly feet and they eat fish. You can see Nil Turtles all seasons in Dalyan Turkey.


Dalyan Mud Thermal Spring: It arrives to 39 degree in Dalyan Thermal Spring Waters where travelers visit this place so rare.It is believed that this place give people a healing. It helps to treat some diseases such as metobalism,rheumatism,ischioneuralgia,gynaecological diseases and skin diseases.The people with surgery also can use this thermal.It will be beautiful activite use of mud water of Dalyan which is named beauty mud.