Diving Tour

продължителност 9 час/а


Learn how to scuba dive with licensed diving instructors! You’ll get to dive deep into an aquatic adventure that will take you underneath the idyllic waters surrounding Marmaris.

Your full-day scuba diving excursion is all about immersing yourself in paradise and exploring the mysterious world that exists underneath the surface. You will have two dives at two different spots in Marmaris Bay where you’ll get to reach up to 6 meters! After a few lessons that are focused on learning the basics such as underwater hand signals and how to properly wear the diving suit and breathing apparatus, you will be ready to go!

As you stand on the platform at the end of the boat, you will gently let yourself into the crystal-clear waters with one big step forward. You will embark on this diving experience with your instructor, so feel confident in knowing that you are in good hands for the first dives of your life. 

Scuba diving is truly a magical experience because you will get to unlock a mysterious world that is unreachable by the surface. As you descend below and explore the underwater habitat of the Mediterranean Sea, you will understand for yourself why scuba diving is one of the most popular water sports in the world! Nondivers are even welcome to accompany scuba divers on the boat where they can enjoy the sun on the upper deck and even go jumping and swimming off the boat!

For your next holiday, give in to your curiosity and surround yourself with the rich marine life and fascinating ecosystem that’s just below the surface.  

Note: This scuba diving activity takes place on the same boat trip with snorkelers.